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Daria Andronescu is a certified image consultant by Milan’s prestigious Up-to-Date Fashion Academy, international personal shopper, fashion correspondent and the founder of Personal Shopping & Travel. She travels Europe’s top fashion destination with clients from all over the world to choose for them stylish and interchangeable outfits.

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  • "For a long time I had the idea that clothes I own are just wrong. I finally realised I had so many things but only a few I was actually wearing and those were also quite boring. Anyway … I needed a change! I think girls will understand me. My choice fell on Daria because after I saw her website I got a feeling that she is professional and really could help me. And I wasn’t wrong! I could not even imagine how cool and useful it would be! I will not hide the fact that I have now in my wardrobe twice less clothes than I had before meeting her. But, surprisingly, now I have two times more beautiful clothing sets that I am wearing and enjoy every day. So, thank you Daria and see you in Düsseldorf for shopping!"
    Anna, Wardrobe Analysis
  • "I want to express my deepest gratitude to Daria, for the fact that she has helped in an incredibly important day for us – our wedding day – to make us look our best! Well chosen clothes, shoes and accessories – this is what she really knows and her professionalism was clear to all! Thank you very much, with your help on our wedding day, we looked perfect!"
    Ksenia, Personal Shopping in MoscowWedding styling
  • “Thank you for your help in organizing my existing wardrobe and buying new sets of clothes. I got rid of unnecessary things that were just creating the appearance of having a full wardrobe, when in fact I had nothing to wear. Following the results of a shopping trip in your company, I have now nice, comfortable and different clothes. I would like to note your accuracy and unobtrusiveness, and the fact that you take into consideration my opinion and taste and don’t impose your own unless I’m way off. You're just great! Thank you for your professionalism!”
    Alina, Wardrobe Analysis, Personal Shopping in Moscow
  • “Thank you very much for our work together. I am wearing everything that we bought. It’s very comfortable to shop with Daria – she knows her business, she doesn’t pressure the customer, and when it comes to items that were not selected – she’s very supportive, not judgmental, which is extremely important to me. I can’t wait to try out Milan”
    Elena, Personal Shopping in Moscow
  • “Daria helped me remarkably while shopping in Milan! She is very friendly, nice and an excellent professional in what she does. I am very happy with the result and will definitely go shopping with her again!”
    Inna. Personal Shopping in Milan
  • “No complaints, I like everything she chose, everything was just perfect, the result was instant. Daria is wonderful, polite, punctual. I really appreciate her work!”
    Anton, Personal Shopping in Milan